I wish to give my clients the same experience that astrology has given me: An overwhelming knowing of who I am and the confidence to live up to my best possible self. This form of compassionate awareness is the basis of my practice and the goal of my educational style. The more people on this Earth that lovingly know who they are and what they are supposed to be doing, the more people that can positively affect and influence others to do the exact same thing for themselves. Like a huge wave of self-love dominos. 

I am dedicated to helping people get their lives 

  • Make important decisions
  • Know yourself 
  • Explore your strengths
  • Identify places ready for growth
  • Provide tools to utilize the upcoming planetary influences
  • Knowing the best time to act
  • Confirm your path in life
  • Gain perspective during challenging times



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Chase Chualong I am a certified professional astrologer. I am in heartfelt gratitude that I have found myself in this line of work. Astrology has created a container for the many subjects I've consistently studied for the past 8 years: traditional medicine, herbalism, spirituality, Buddhist thought, flower essences, energy work, massage, nutrition, health, beauty, food and magic.  

Astrology delivers crystal-clear insight, and the many branches of healing I work with blend, interact and lend supportive tools -  creating a unique practice. I am deeply passionate about the intersection of physical, mental and spiritual health and the journey to achieve and maintain that balance.



What people are saying

"Chase has a gift for astrology. After a session, I feel like I have been meditating for an hour. Awareness increases."  -Frank Anderson, Ann Arbor, Mi

"Months ago I had an honest, raw, vulnerable, and all encompassing reading with Chase. G r a c i a s . It felt safe all the way thru. I still recur to it from moon to moon and it's been a grounding space to recharge perspective. Really appreciating how the scope of this reading has led me to understand some deep shifts taking place..." -Natalia Munoz Paraliticci, San Juan, Pr

"I had the pleasure of having a astrology reading with Chase a year ago and the big predictions he laid forth seemed totally unreachable at the time. He was so wise in his delivery and insights and I felt calm and centered and excited following. And guess what?! Huge things are happening -- he was spot on! Love your work Chase! Thank you xx" -Ruth Johnson, Melbourne, Aus

"Chase is a down to earth, knowledgeable astrologer who I could tell really cares about his clients - I highly recommend him for your birth chart reading and any advice on astrology - 5 Star service" -Peter Vullinovich, Melbourne, Aus

"I took an astrology workshop with him at The Center in the beginning of the year and was so impressed with his thoroughness and thoughtfulness that I knew I had to get a one-on-one reading with him. He really took the time to explain all of the astrologically significant events happening in my chart and was very thoughtful in answering my questions. He also gave me a bunch of referrals for flower essences that he thought might be helpful for me. He is very sweet and down-to-earth and is a pleasure to spend time with.  If you are having questions about your life path I couldn't recommend Chase more highly." -Rikki Ward, San Francisco, Ca

"Chase has definitely helped me this year to make sense of why things have happened throughout my life, why things were tough in the past few years, and why that period is over and i am so thankful to have been referred to him. I recommend everyone to have a reading soon and as he says, "get your life" because he will read you like a book and be 1000% correct!" -Jae Jennings, Woodland Hills, Ca

"I highly recommend Chase for a reading, whether you're getting your full chart done for the first time, or are interested in a more specific reading on relationships, career, spiritual path, looking at certain planets or parts of your life. I had a reading specifically focused around my Saturn Return and I walked away feeling inspired, hopeful and excited for all the healing and change that's coming in the years ahead. 
Chase is sweet, eloquent, thoughtful and very thorough with his work, and really meets you where you are. A beautiful being - so grateful to know him!" -Lucia Young, San Francisco, Ca

"Had such an incredible reading from Chase! I was also super lucky to get in just as my Saturn return was really about to take off. Chase was well prepared, insightful and present. I did my reading over the phone from Portland and I felt like he was right there with me, sorting through all the feelings and questions. His intelligence and intuition work together beautifully, and I was blown away by how my much of my life he had put together and articulated just through reading my chart. I guess that's a sign of a true astrologer at work. I ended my session with Chase feeling ready to take on the next phase of my life with a road(star?)map to the upcoming energies entering my life.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a check in with the universe. Thanks Chase!!" -Vince Cruz, Portland, OR