an evening of astrological divination and beautiful food pairings


where the body meets the stars

The intersection of body, mind and spirit are what attribute to overall health. Astrology is a guideline for an individuals ‘make up’ as we are all made of varying degrees of elements - some of us require more fire - stimulation, activity and excitement while some may need more water - time to talk about feelings, rest and emotional nurturing. Food is also astrological, and elemental. By utilizing foods intentionally, we can find balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Dinners are hosted in my brooklyn loft or private parties within NYC

Perfect for birthdays, friday evenings, ceremonies, intentional gatherings

Minimum 2 - 20 guests


Custom dinners

Intimate dinners for groups up to 6

I take the birth information of each guest and craft a meal based on the blending of charts.

Meals are mindfully designed with florals, herbs and teas.

Choose the type of astrology service you’d like whether it is a casual discussion, group readings, education or forecast for the year.

filipino feast and astrology forecast for 2019

Featured menu during March and April in Brooklyn. Come and join me a vibey + casual Astro island meal.


I have cooked my entire life, since the age of 10 and have been hosting dinners for as long as I can remember. I have worked as a private chef and am most alligned with whole food and the philosophy of ‘food as medicine’. A huge part of my spiritual practice is food and I integrate food and herbs into my work with astrology. This unique service is a true reflection of my passions blended together into a fun, delicious and meaningful evening.