Chrysanthemum is a flower commonly used in Chinese medicine for its ability to support a healthy liver. The liver in an energetic sense, is a pathway for the ebb and flow of emotion. It is highly susceptible to anger and when it is aggravated the flow of energy can be disrupted, creating imbalance in the physical body. Jupiter in astrology rules over the eyes and in medical astrology it rules over the liver. Ironic that the health of the eyes is synonymous with the liver. Any sudden changes in quality of eyesight, the liver is to be considered.

Questions we ask are - Am I holding any anger? Am I suppressing any emotions?

When we hold on too tightly to stagnant emotions, we are preventing energy to flow through our liver. 
Jupiter is the expansive energy that provides actual space for vision. It magnetizes us to the reaches of our creative horizon. BUT we have to allow this energy to flow. It has to be moving, otherwise we are stuck and frustrated. 
The wisdom of chrysanthemum is in its ability to let energy flow smoothly in the body. Flexibility in the emotional body stimulates our creative process therefore furthering our vision. 

Plants can be our guides as they contain so much information. When we ingest them as tea, food or spend time with them in their natural form, they connect us to this information in subtle ways. Astrology can be this way as well, as the planets are in constant shift and alignment, there are subtleties that we can connect to, when we pay attention. Plants absorb the light of the sun and moon and resonate to the other planets as well. When we take these plants, we are connecting to earth and beyond.