Drats. Befoiled. It seems as though the worst may have come before us. Terror lurks and demons rejoice. 

While we are in Scorpio season, the veil is thin. Our intuitions are sharp and the great beyond is close, if we listen. But it does not take a ghost to see the uprising of  unresolved hatred in this country. 

This full moon echoes the themes from the election. The moon represents the subconscious, illuminated. While this super moon is closer to the earth than usual, it seems clear that our inner worlds are striking through. 

The moon evokes a felt experience and in Taurus, allows us to connect to our value system. What we hold dear and our essential needs are surfaced. 

The sun, in scorpio, reminds us of the shit and the muck in our collective experience. That we are truly digging deep into the psyche of this country. The president elect, simply a reflection of the veiled evils that still are present in this current day and have always existed. The sun in Scorpio always eludes to an exposure of deep truths. 

What if our truth was that we are only as well as this earth?

A figure representing hatred, a reflection of our collective karma, that we have to heal within ourselves?  

In Scorpio, we Merge with our darkness and experience it clearly. Anger on the side of the oppressed and anger on the side of the oppressor. Millions protest against the millions that voted in favor of greed and racism.

This full moon brings a catharsis. A purging of repressed emotions and foul truths. 

Taurus seeks stability and security within the bounds of comfort and quality of life. Scorpio pulls us to go beyond and even upset our boundaries. Stable, solid, reliable. What is safe? We are re-evaluating our value systems at this time. 

Jupiter, our shining star of faith and belief at this time is not too visible by the sun and moon. If there is a bleakness that overcomes you, know that this is temporary. 

When a star is not visible, it's benevolent light is not as available to our consciousness. But believe, Jupiter in Libra this entire year is promising us that we will find deep meaning through relationships and connection. 

When we all hurt and cried from the election this week it made the bonds with our like-minded kin that much tighter. 

There is something powerful and revolutionary stirring in the ether. We may not know just quite yet, that the silent splicing of the scorpions tail yields a choice. That its poison may be our elixir. That seemingly rock bottom may transform into inventive cooperation.  We will be able to feel more of an uplifted perspective when the sun moves into Sagittarius and is in sight of Jupiter. So take in this climax of energy and  process your poisons as the moon wanes for the next two weeks. The new moon on November 28 will provide much more insight, so take time to integrate. 

In the spirit of this full moon, I recommend to let out the emotions that this week has brought up. To purge and be held by your friends and communities that are just as baffled. I recommend to grieve healthily, with supportive and peaceful community. Do not carry your sorrows, compost them into the ground, where beautiful art and magical, creative rebellion will spring forth. 

Herbs that would be helpful:

Astragalus- for immunity, and the ability to look up

Hawthorne- to physically and emotionally strengthen the heart

Dong quai- circulation, promote movement of stagnant energies 

Chrysanthemum- stress relief, and the ability to expand creative outlook

Fuschia flower essence- release deeply held emotions


  Prayer: That bad weather will allow us to hold each other that much closer. May we recognize with responsibility and pride that we are only as well as this earth.