NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN 12/28/2016   Moon (subconscious) + Mercury (the mind) + Sun (the conscious self) align


Moon (subconscious) + Mercury (the mind) + Sun (the conscious self) align

Are you playing the role of a surrendered tamago, bound by the seaweed of your frustrations to a lump of sugared rice that you once found to be all the umami you've ever wanted? 

Are you playing the role of a surrendered tamago, bound by the seaweed of your frustrations to a lump of sugared rice that you once found to be all the umami you've ever wanted? 

Today, the sun, the moon and mercury align, creating an inspired, new story. While an earthy capricorn new moon has a stabilizing effect, the likeliness of the unexpected is just as much a part of this new moon. (and the rest of the year tbh) 

The structures that we must exist within are necessary for us to participate within our families, jobs, society. Rules, boundaries and even the path we walk are a structure that we must partake. A new moon in capricorn gives the opportunity to update those structures. As this new moon illuminates the height of Mercury in it’s retrograde, this is the moment of clarity. There’s more information about the retrograde in my last blog post

The exact moment that the sun and moon align, that moment of the sky is the story being created for the whole lunar month. However this moment tonight in the sky also incapsulates themes for the entire year.

Here’s why this new moon is loaded and sets the tone for 2017:

Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter-

Saturn has the ability to crystallize, and bring something into reality.


Uranus is the ability to be inspired, and have total, creative freedom.

Jupiter creates opportunity, and spaciousness. 

These three planets have been building closer to alignment and are all creating a bunch of feels for everyone. 

Anytime Uranus is in the mix, it will be unexpected, volatile even. So for any type of repressed feeling that has been held in, the cracks may have already been exposed and something may be ready to come out. It’s important to remember that the theme behind any sudden change is for the sake of inspiration. To break free of monotony and remain new and alive.

So within the context of a stable capricorn moon, there is a feeling of identifying our bounds and pushing the limits further. Mangling our way, creating more space for inspiration and also having a grounded support. Being authentic is a must, the planets are supporting you! 

Here are the horoscopes for 2017:

ARIES: It seems that the theme for you the past few years has been a call for authenticity. Well, that’s still a thing, especially in 2017. The new moon this month is illuminating the way you present yourself to others. You have more insight into your reputation and work life with the new moon tonight. In 2017, the need to be authentic and completely brash and unapologetic are just as important as the need to share, listen, and play nice.


TAURUS: The new moon tonight can give you quite a bit of inspiration to view your world in a new way. It should be fuel for your upcoming year. The topic of the mind and your relationship to your personal insights is a major theme this year. Mindfulness, reframing old habits and making space for a streamlined schedule will guide you to so much meaning in 2017. Try to truly capture and live where spirit and the body meet.


GEMINI: The new moon tonight is shining light on your financial planning skills. You will need some organization for the upcoming year, because a big focus will be on your doing what makes you happy. Be excited to see how your relationships and community benefit from you prioritizing in you in 2017. 


CANCER: This new moon will provide more insight to the realm of relationships that has been so confusing this year for you cancer! The focus for you in 2017is going to be all about creating solid and authentic foundations within your home and work life. 


LEO: You are going to have more insight to your daily flow this month. The way you organize your time and rearranging the ways in which you create order within your week will be really important. It creates the backbone for the pull to learn and experience new things that are coming your way this year. Expect to travel here and there- your creative process will benefit greatly from it.


VIRGO: The new moon tonight is a great opportunity to think about what your purpose for the year will be. Dissecting the structures of your joy should be very easy for you, the key is to not suck the fun out of the process. The upcoming year is a great year for making money. Trusting and working with others should come in handy. 


LIBRA: This new moon is a perfect time to set the stage for the next year. The new moon is allowing you to create a new personal story. A revise to the new you 2.0. It’s a great preview because 2017 is going to be all about developing your sense of self. So work on your internal story, because 2017 is all about solidifying the inner world you’ve been quietly developing since last year.


SCORPIO: The new moon tonight will give you insight to the workings of your mind. You have been in a more introverted and quiet place, which may be quite typical for you, but the upcoming year will continue to have that theme, at least until October 2017. 


SAGITTARIUS: This new moon tonight is going to allow you to assess what is truly important to you. 2017 is going to be a very important push to be more serious and grounded about yourself. If you are struggling to stay positive, your friends will have many answers and support for you this year. 


CAPRICORN: This is your moon. It illuminates the qualities that you embody. Think about the structure of your upcoming year, it should be fruitful for career. So all the things that you’re good at doing: Identifying goals, the 1 - 3 -6 month plan, and all the steps organized. Your internal dialog should be speaking very loudly this year as well. Don’t ignore it, it will carry some really important information for changes coming up at the end of 2017. 


AQUARIUS: This new moon tonight may have you feeling like being less visible for the upcoming month. A feeling of retreat or deep mental rest may be helpful. 2017 brings opportunity for travel. Learning more is always easy for you,  but expressing your wisdom to your community will prove to your benefit this year.


PISCES: The new moon tonight brings focus onto your community. This is a great time to look at your outer circles and think about them logically. Because 2017 offers you the space to invest and combine financial forces with others, it will be very important to show some discernment. The opportunity to make some big money is possible, but be careful of any risky financial matters from feb-june.