What a shame it would be to categorize ourselves strictly into 12 personality types. 
That we are assigned to a zodiacal symbol and fatalistically confined to it. It would seem that our actions, words and bodies are predisposed. It would relieve us from knowing that we are fluid and evolving.

It is impractical to think that we are stagnant, consistent, unchanging.

So do not adhere to your astrology sign.

But instead, invoke what you need for each moment, each task, each interaction. 
When making art, bring spirit into matter, using Piscean sensibility and sharp Virgoan sight. Plan your week channeling the discipline of a Capricorn. If plagued by boredom, bring in the mind of a Gemini, with keen awareness of your surroundings to incorporate newness and fun to the everyday.

May we flow through life wearing the right outfit for the right moment. And that we may develop and strengthen all the archetypes within!