heres a pic of a meal that i prepared a few weeks ago that was my aligned to the astrological weather of the month. the theme was "flexibility and creative vision". i used culinary herbs and also a lot of traditional chinese herbs as well. 

astrology is our relationship to the stars and how they affect us here on earth. when studying astrology, we come to understand that the way we categorize our information is through a system of elements. mars is hot and fiery. it relates to our will, energy levels the way we enact our passions. cinnamon is a heating and stimulating herb, it is similar to the energy of mars. we take an herb like cinnamon to warm us up during the winter months. we use food items to bring the elements into us. we take cinnamon to add heat and stimulation to the body, we can also say that we can take cinnamon (like many spices) to activate an inner fire. we eat foods like cucumber and leafy greens which have a water element, to add hydration to the body. its no surprise that to counteract inflammation in the body, you are directed to eat cooling vegetables. 

our natural disposition - astrology and traditional medicine both intersect in that they look to one's inherent elemental balance. we all have a natural disposition to a mixture of certain elements. for example, in my natal astrology chart, i am a virgo rising (earth), libra sun (air) and taurus moon (earth). upon looking closer at my chart i have a lot of earth and much less fire than the other elements. this would mean that i have a natural tendency to be lower energy. just by reading my elements i would already be able to determine that implementing the element of fire would be a great way to constructively increase my sense of vitality. foods like ginger, chile and mustard seeds are warming and resonate to mars energy. to think of food through an elemental lens creates a new dynamic when we balance ourselves through the food we choose. if we are in a rut and feeling a bit uninspired (or have a natural disposition to this) we bring in the element of air, as air represents ideas, inspiration and a sense of fun. aromatherapy with simply a drop of an essential oil (i love peppermint/orange) is a great start for invigorating the senses and would activate the air element. as well as an herbal tea of lavender or sage. 

we can also use this perspective when thinking of the current astrological configurations. at the time i made the meal pictured above, the astrology for the upcoming month was suggestive of major change and uncertainty. the foods i prepared were infused with many types of herbs that would promote emotional flexibility and the ability to adjust to changes. a mixture of water, air and earth - which ended up being a lot of nerve tonics, adaptagens, cooling and detoxifying foods and herbs. 

as of this week, the sun will soon enter leo, joining venus and mercury, and shortly after mars. >>> we will have a very fiery august! it will be a definite time of action, putting yourself outward and having a lot of fun. you can chime in on this burst of energy, or you can decide to cool it down, your choice. just remember that when we pause to think about how we feel on an elemental basis, we can choose our food accordingly, to what we want to bring in, or tone down