Your Saturn square Neptune doll.


Ever seen these little guys? With one eye, two eyes or none at all?

The daruma is a representation of the Buddhist master who brought buddhism from India to China. The daruma is a symbol of luck, perseverance and completing goals. it is said that during his intensive wall gazing meditation that lasted 9 years, he plucked off his eyelids, so that he would not fall asleep. His arms and legs shriveled, leaving only his spirit. Daruma dolls are used to signify the realization of a goal and the work it takes to get there. When you buy a daruma doll they have no eyes. When you start a project or goal, you draw in one eye. And when you complete your project you draw in the other. 

Through determination, we complete what we set out to do, and without vigilance, as control freaky as that may sound, even batting an eyelid may not be paying enough attention.  

When I think of Saturn square Neptune, the main astrological theme of this year, the daruma is a great way to capture this energy. 

Do not let your Neptune, [your dream] remain a formless wisp of imagination. Take it, mold it, work it, knead it, need it, want it. Make it.

The proverb associated with the daruma is "fall down seven times, get up 8" 

Saturn, [the work] is the meditation practice. Not the feeling of aspect of meditation that is blissful and serene that is an escape from reality. But the painstaking discipline that's necessary to sit, be still and focus on bringing idea to fruition.

Just as the daruma had the vision for enlightenment (Neptune). He had to put in some practical work and effort (Saturn). 

 as the Saturn square Neptune hits on June 17 now would be a good time to set some good, clear goals because what we decide this week sets the tone for the rest of the summer till the next time saturn squares neptune on September 9

I just got a daruma to help me complete some projects for the summer. busting out a daruma doll for the upcoming full moon would be so perfect! here's a little something i wrote on the upcoming full moon.