mercury went retro yesterday in its home sign virgo. while this may be a time of precaution where we walk with vigilant dairy-free steps through the next 3 weeks - it really CANT be as bad as the last 6 months. 

in astrological terms, it seems that the major energetic kerfuffles of the year have past and the very last string of them are actually through this mercury retrograde. which means that after this retrograde, the dust will settle and we can hang with our choices. 

tomorrow, september 1, is a solar eclipse and two weeks after then on september 16 is a lunar eclipse. these dramatic events in the sky call for an equal amount of drama in our lives. eclipses are a massive closure and a massive beginning. the solar eclipse on sept 1 places a heavy focus on reality. sifting through delusions that we may be holding onto. 

the lunar eclipse on the 16th is a call for action. while it may come as a fiery or irritable feeling. actions are a spark whether it be intentional or provoked. i would definitely prepare for the unexpected with this eclipse. in my opinion this lunar eclipse is the final push from the mars retrograde that began in march of this year. the mars retrograde had A LOT of my clients and myself confused about their path, a specific relationship that began within this time period, past traumas, sexuality and left many of us with a lowered drive for the months while it was in retrograde. mars stationed direct in late june so its been way more chill, allowing for clarity. though it’s recent alignments with saturn (prominent especially last week) have placed a few hurdles in our recently forged paths. this eclipse is asking you to close the chapter that was started 6 months ago. 


astrology is the study of time, cycles of time, within cycles of time, within cycles of time. 

mercury retrograde, mars retrograde shadow, sailor moon retrograde, its a bit boggling the number of cycles that exist all in the same moment. we will get lost in the endless horoscopes and sea of lunation cycle instagram crystal charging posts. 

BUT the power of astrology is only known by reflecting on our perception of time. looking back to our year and see if the dates line up. 


 in all seriousness -  there actually is something interesting happening within the next 3 weeks. the closure of a few cycles and the start of a more breezy year. 


the irony of mercury retrograde being comfortable its sign virgo is that there is an overarching theme of organization. mercury joins jupiter who has been in virgo for about a year. jupiter in contrast does not do so well in virgo, it kinda cramps its billowy style. where jupiter is in the sky, shows us where collectively we expand. within this micro-cycle of mercury retrograde calling for organization, jupiter has been here this whole year inching us toward this ideal of perfection within health, our schedules and our work. september 9 jupiter finishes its time in virgo and moves on to lighthearted libra. <3 super excited. so for 1 year, jupiter will be in libra shifting our focus to enjoying partnerships! 

look at it this way: we can tie up the last bits of placing ourselves in a metaphorical excel spreadsheet and grab some metaphorical, or literal, boba with our GF’s and BFF’s. 

here’s some homework for the next 3 weeks:

  1. think back to march/april 2016 -  what was a shitty thing you were going through or what was something you were really trying to get accomplished
  2. think about where you are now in that process, what were the lessons learned, what are the next steps to take 
  3. allow the solar eclipse on sept 1 to be a brand new beginning where you identify what you need. be very clear about what is real, what needs actual effort and what needs to be curtailed.
  4. allow the lunar eclipse on sept 16 to be the action that stems from what you identified
  5. now separately think about how much you have organized within yourself-your health, schedule, work. since august of 2015. (you have now reflected on jupiter's passing through virgo, see how it aligns)
  6. give yourself pats on the back! 


september 22 mercury retrograde finishes and takes with it several other chapters only left for reflection. through clarity of thought and a sturdy grasp on discernment the next few weeks will be a few hard looks only to be met with an almond snow bubble and a newly forged path. 



for a guided journey through your birth chart and the workings of this year, please feel free to reach out to me for a reading. i am more than honored to be doing this type of work and love to help people with their paths!