in my previous entry, i wrote about how excited i am that there are important astrological cycles that culminate through the next few weeks. with so many endings - it makes room for new seedlings in our lives. like little crops that we can water :) 

astrology is great because when we look at our own personal birth chart and line it up with the current planetary alignments - we see where the changes are happening. since astrology is a way of placing language to energy, we are able to define where we have it and where we don't. 

>>where we have it<< that's where effort should be placed. it's like having the momentum behind your step. if the stars are giving you energy to push your career forward, go for it! 

>>where we don't<< we could try, but it will be more challenging. it may be an uphill battle.

luckily for us, we are naturally intuitive people and we have awareness of where we want to place our efforts. if you are looking to connect more to your path and see where the eclipses this month are creating new stories, feel free to reach out to me for a discounted reading!