its libra season so you know what that means! grab a BOBA. 

not joking! 

there are like 1000 reasons to have it or actually none at all. but as we experience this time of year, the idea of pleasantries makes a lot of sense. color coordinated drinks, sweet, bright bubbly walls and pop music.... all suggesting >> fun. sounds fun, tastes fun, looks fun. its also a lot of non-sense. aren’t all these qualities associated with libra? 

take it from a fellow sun-libra. boba is the essence of the libra archetype.

  • you are not having boba by yourself
  • you cannot be mad while having boba, even if you tried
  • you are not having emo conversation over boba, you’re gossiping and giggling, personally i feel very teen every time i have boba, and i submit.
  • you are not getting in no kinda fist fight while having boba in your hand
  • match your drink to your outfit or nah?
  • im a virgo rising, so i only get a quarter sugar


but in all seriousness, libra season brings up the qualities of relating. and in order to relate we must know how to listen, be kind and work together. 

this is a very important boba year. because jupiter is in libra for the next 12 months! which means that the collective gravitates toward libra qualities. so please, enjoy beautiful things and experiences >> with others. it’s a time to grow relationships whether it be business, romantic or just homies. 

connecting to pleasantry is not at all an escape from the heavy crazy things happening right now. but, when we cheer up a friend, we do something light and airy. when we want to raise the vibe, we make jokes, we look at creative options! we do what we need to get what we want, but we are kind.  

libra minds be like:  if we throw shade, we do it with a smile and grace. whoops

i made a video about ACTIVATING your libra. it has some great info for libras, aries folks, and its applicable to everyone this year!