As the full moon looms to maximum illumination this evening it beckons us to pay attention to our emotions. 

The full moon, being a culmination of the new moon is the point of climax. In the capricorn new moon of December 28st, we began a new story for the structures of our daily life. Job, authorities, responsibilities were all in question and we embarked on a personal exploration of those themes. Looking back to the new moon two weeks ago, at the height of a mercury in retrograde, the new moon offered a moment of clarity in which there was insight to “what am I doing in 2017?”  The full moon, in contrast, calls in the full spectrum of emotion overlaid upon our duties and work. 

Now that Mercury finished its 21 day retrograde, now is time to carefully move forward with any goals or processes that were realized within that time. But first, an emotional check in

Locked in a tight configuration between the alignment of sun and moon are jupiter and uranus. For most of 2017, Jupiter in Libra (our desire to partner as an avenue to higher meaning) + Uranus in Aries (our urge to express individual freedom and total authenticity) will be negotiating. This will create dynamic tension and can support creative partnership, and in the same thread, create unexpected break ups and departures. For the next two days as the moon passes through these planets, it will create a felt experience. Maybe even a feeling of being pulled in 4 different directions. Any repressions are bound to come to surface. 

While the sun traveled through Capricorn this month, the flavor has been getting in control of your life. Now could be a time of emotional release for any built up anxieties that the mercury retrograde stirred up. 

This moon will hit hard and fast. Be easy on yourself and others for the next two days as tensions rise. Do not fall into the temptation to be highly reactive. Rather, wait until the extremity of this configuration passes and by the 14th it will be easier to come from a more grounded place. 

This moon activates and highlights one of the many opportunities to make changes for your growth and opportunity this year. Do not ignore the calling to be unabashedly truthful, but do it with tact and with a steady hand. 

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