The astrological birth chart of Jean Michel Basquiat

The astrological birth chart of Jean Michel Basquiat


Tarot is the interpretation of cards from a specialized deck to answer inquiries.

Astrology is study of the impact of planets and their cycles on life.


Tarot readings gives insight into the immediate inner currents and trends of a situation.

Astrology readings give a comprehensive interpretation of the self, patterns and phases of life through looking at planetary cycles. 


Tarot can be done using analytical, intuitive, therapeutic, coaching, channeling or spiritual techniques.

Astrology, while used intuitively, is always done with mathematical calculations.


Tarot is based in feeling.

Astrology is based in data.


Tarot has a modern history, the last few hundred years.

Astrology has an ancient history, thousands of years.


Tarot and astrology are both tools of confirmation. Tarot is a great tool for understanding the current moment and subtleties that may not be obvious, or reframing feelings and perspectives a person is holding. Astrology is highly effective in helping a person understand the many aspects of their identity (core components of personality, experiences and path) as well as pinpointing specific times in life when major changes will occur. Tarot and astrology definitely have their strengths, but that does not mean that astrology cannot describe subtlety or tarot cannot foretell major events. Because they are forms of divination, their uses are not limited. Ultimately both lead to greater wisdom in an ever changing world.


Clients often come with a preconception about what an astrology or a tarot reading is. Blame it on exaggerated imagery in movies or my favorite show- Penny Dreadful. Many people have done a tarot reading through and app or an online hotline, read their weekly horoscope and know some general things about their birth month sign (called the Sun Sign!).

Sometimes it seems like tarot answers questions about the future while astrology just tells you about your personality. Is this true? 

Well yes and no. My partner M Juniper at Lost Star Tarot and I hope clarify these methods- Tarot & Astrology - and how they can be used.

Should you ever get a professional astrology or tarot reading, you will be able to get the most of your session by having some prior knowledge of what an astrologer of tarot reader will actually do and what the strengths of those styles are. As always, I suggest checking out the blog or social media of the tarot reader or astrologer you are interested in, rather than just being random. Rapport and trust in your reader is crucial. 





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~Question Examples & How We Apply Our Craft~:

Will I get the job? 

Tarot: This is a yes or no question. It is possible to give an answer to a yes/no question in tarot! How accurate that answer is though is likely the same as flipping a coin or if your reader has some special power (which you would need verified through a collection of yes/no questions and their outcomes over a period. Remember that study I want to find...) Likely, I would rephrase this as "what can I do to get the job that will be most rewarding for me?" or "what changes can I make to become more successful?". A tarot reading could then follow with an analysis and discussion of past and current actions, perspectives on various outer and inner influences of the person asking the question and a even possible outcome if one were to follow that path. In this way, the Seeker changes their present state of mind to create their future of "getting a job."
Astrology: Any answer or advice given in an astrology reading is based on many layers of analysis. The approach to answering a question would be by taking into consideration the entire psyche of the individual (as expressed in the birth chart), in addition to the areas of life where change, growth and focus are happening (as expressed through the current sky). A question like “will I get the job” may be difficult to answer specifically. Although astrology would be very proficient in helping select the type of career that would be best suited for an individual. And it would also be able to give phases and dates that career and job prospects will be more fruitful. 

When will I meet the love of my life?

Tarot: This question deal with time. If tarot could figure that out there would be no fun to love nor need for passion in it. This would likely be rephrased into "what can I do to meet the love of my life?" A reading may potentially look at past relationship patterns and identifying current emotional experiences & feelings. It may give suggestions on activities and personality traits to emphasize in your life or do self-development work on. A tarot reading could point to times when romantic energies are high and there is an opportunity for love to flow your way...and importantly what actions to take to increase your ability to connect with others romantically. 
Astrology: Astrology will be able to determine when a focus on relationships will occur and even when meeting a very important person will be likely. By looking at your birth chart, an astrologer is able to efficiently determine what qualities you would be looking for or need in a relationship. Doing a comparison of a partner's birth chart (or potential partner) would then look into how two individuals would get along. Astrology is effective in looking at where there may be blockages and fears associated with the individual and if they show up as relationship problems, inquiry into that area can offer much insight and assistance. 
If you're interested in experiencing a little of each, get a dual >> astrology + tarot reading  << with Early Bird Astrology & Lost Star Tarot.

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