In astrology, eclipses mean that the sun (The light of consciousness) and the moon (The subconscious illuminated) go out for a moment. When they come back, something will have been shaken, moved around and likely changed. Eclipse periods are fated times, turning points. This is why much tension and change happens during these dynamic moon cycles. Feb 10 through Feb 26 is an eclipse period, expect to shake some things off and wiggle in some new new.

One of the main features of the astrology of 2017 is the opposition of Uranus (In aries) and Jupiter (In Libra). Jupiter entered the sign of Libra in September 2016 and within that time has made our collective expansion toward partnership and relating. Though by December of 2016 it firmly opposed Uranus in the sky and continues to be prominent. Uranus in Aries desires personal freedom and prefers surprise over patience. When I had written about the combination of these two planetary archetypes, I thought it would create a possibly volatile movement toward creative partnership.

The Women’s March over Inauguration Day weekend? Protesting the immigration ban at airports all across the US?! Jupiter oppose Uranus much? 

 Jupiter: Beliefs, meaning, justice  

Uranus: Rebellion, protest (Interestingly enough, Trump has a prominent Uranus in his birth chart)

The Full moon eclipse comes into a productive angle with Jupiter and Uranus. In my opinion, this may only exaggerate the element of craziness going on in the media. But in our lives, this can be a pleasant kick in the butt. In addition, Saturn, a stabilizing quality, is also creating a helpful angle in the sky. While eclipses can be very dramatic, this seems to have a grounding effect. Our desire of authenticity and the ability to make that happen will be able to meet somewhere in the middle. 

A leo full moon is a time to step into our personal radiance. While the sun travels through aquarius, it illuminates the relation to your group (friends, work, community). 

A voice is developed from your collective identity and this eclipse has the potential to bring it out. Where in your life are you desiring to shine?  

Mars and Venus are both in Aries traveling side by side. Will power beside values. Something about our desire nature is amplified right now. This only adds to the quality of this fiery lunar eclipse. 

The lion's roar awakens inside each one of us, carrying the cries-dreams & wishes of humanity. The vessel of logic that holds these precious waters, our responsibility to protect. 

This is the first eclipse occurring in the Leo/Aquarius axis. Most of the eclipses will occur in this area of the sky through January of 2019. All you Aquarians and Leo’s get ready for major wiggles for the next two years.



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