you are the spoon in your soup

you are the spoon in your soup

On February 26 send that old story to the cosmic toilet. #boybye

background on eclipses:

An eclipse is a new or full moon that occurs in alignment with the nodes (or shadows) of the moon. 

The shadow points of the moon are where the Sun’s path and moon’s path meet. From an astrological perspective, this calculated point in space is really important because it is the merging of the conscious (sun) and the subconscious (moon). But only when the sun and moon come together on this point that the eclipses occur. 

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Since we are talking about orbits, there are 2 points where the sun and moon’s path meet, both opposite from each other. These are the North and South node. Due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, one side is north ascending and the other side is south descending. 

In astrology, the nodes are fated places. They are related to change, karma and even destiny (in some traditions). The North node signifies materialization and becoming, while the South node represents a release. The nodes are opposite of each other and move together, therefore the story of release and manifestation come as a pair.

Where are the nodes currently?:

The nodes travel through a pair of opposing signs in the sky for about 1.5-2 years. The north node has been moving through the sign of Virgo for this time, materializing our focus on getting our mind & body together to express accuracy. While in contrast, the south node has been traveling through Pisces and helping us to practice the art of forgiveness and compassion. 


In the sign of Pisces, we learn to receive information through the auric field. We can find meaning and messages even in the chaos and slurry of alphabet soup. Logic freezes and we learn to let go and submit. The need to merge with spirit as a way to recognize that love is boundless and the ultimate truth. 

In the sign of Virgo, we learn about the ability to express precision. There is an inherent quality of skillful thought in achieving a task, even if that means a perfectly timed schedule. Functionality is pleasure and every possible angle has been considered. 

The astro-weather for the week leading up to the eclipse:

This week has been intense. 

-Both Mars and Venus have been in Aries which places emphasis on the ability to go after what is needed. Being guided by instincts and action are how we will want to be expressing. 

-The few days building to this eclipse have been marked by a very tense need for control. Mars (Our will) and Pluto (deep motivations) have been paired up creating intensity, aggravation and volatility. This can express itself as an extra push to get what we desire, but there is a hard, competitive and angry feeling associated with it. (Most prominent on Feb 20-23)

-All the while the Sun travels past the South Node placing illumination on old patterns and situations that need to be let go of. Be mindful of situations that come up at this time as the South node is emphasized for this week. (Feb 20-22)

-Mars then joins electric Uranus on the Eclipse and will add the spark that will snap any loose ends into place this weekend. 

The New Moon Solar Eclipse @ ‘8 Pisces:

Eclipses mean different things depending on which side of the shadow that is involved. 

The new moon solar eclipse occurs on the South node. A new moon signifies a new beginning and the word eclipse can simply be substituted for the word ‘dramatic’. So a dramatic new beginning will begin on February 26, that is the final chapter of the series of eclipses that have occurred in Virgo/Pisces. 

This eclipse will particularly effect those born on:

February 24 - March 1

May 25 - June 1

August 28 - September 4

November 27 - December 3

-The eclipse features Mercury engaging in heavy petting with the south node signifying a release of old ideals and stories that do not ring true any longer. Mercury represents our mind, beliefs, learning and communication style. Be ready to let go of an old way of seeing something. 

-As planets travel through the sky, they describe the experiences that we are magnetizing down here on Earth. When planets touch the South node, those planets take old stories and flush them down the cosmic toilet. 

 -While the theme of a Pisces new moon is soft, creative and dreamy, Mars also builds toward an exact alignment with Uranus on the day of the eclipse as well. Do assume that there will be a sudden snap, break, or outburst of some kind. Mars to Uranus creates a daring, jolting type of energy that will definitely color this eclipse weekend. 

-The confusing, nervous-stimulating and art-inspiring Neptune energy is super strong in this eclipse. All the while there may be a lot of A-type impatience and self importance floating around… Heavy Neptune energy can also influence people to be confused and not know what the hell they are talking about. 

- There are contrasting energies in the sky. You can use them as a way to take a strong leap in the proper direction. If you have been dealing with power-play and control issues looming about this week, determine how much softening and pliability you need.

-Between the tension of Mars/Uranus/Pluto and the confusion of Neptunian vibes that can lead to anything between extreme melancholy and anxiety, I would sweat it out. Find a way to be centered through all of this. The eclipse will handle the rest, there’s not much room to determine what happens during these powerful cycles. Ultimately, you are releasing to make room. The cosmic toilet has a purpose, we are always materializing somewhere. Don’t just be a floating turd lost at sea, bowing to the whim of whoever tries to flush you back into stagnation. 

Keeping in mind that - eclipses represent the place where the collective path of consciousness and the subconscious meet. And as the lights of our day and night, when they meet, something shifts as their seemingly separate paths collide. The eclipse on February 26 is about taking the wisdom we can distill from our primordial alphabet soup and extrude into a refined, accurate and functional version to use in our daily lives. 


Eclipses are dramatic: For more insight to your own personal experience, book a reading to go further into where these changes are occurring.