The Sun and Neptune come together for their yearly kiss.

The Sun’s radiant gift to all is the illumination of all that stand before it.

While Neptune’s strange symphony can change your perception of the ground in which you stand. Whether it makes you forget that your body is simply a borrowed skin, which you will return in the end, or you completely fall to your tiny knees in reverent remembrance. Either way, it’s enamoring tune will reduce you to merely a wisp of spirit, swimming in dust like the rest of everyone else. 

Be mindful today, as your sense of illumination and clear-headedness may be spiritually inclined. 

The Sun’s clarity and light will be snapchat filtered with Neptune’s Great Mystery. A desire to check out, romanticize the greener grass, zone out, get wasted or really not know what you want is likely. This is for everyone, and the flow of the world doesn’t stop for a 30 minute meditation. Be careful and check things twice as we might be feeling like we are sifting through fog for the next 2 days. 

This is a contrast to the previous week that had a snappy and sand-papery vibe. As this tapers off, we may be feeling now that we can have a handle on any of the disagreements from last week (whether internal or external). 

At best, this is a beautiful energy to go inward, express compassionate awareness and connect to our creative side. Though confusion and melancholy are not excluded. Sometimes a bit of both are necessary- Blurring the lines to create a vision not possible with ‘clarity’. So today and tomorrow, you're a Pisces, with two feet standing on the ground and both eyes glaring to the world of spirit.