The birth chart of Joan Miro

The birth chart of Joan Miro

What is astrology?

The study of planetary motion and their effect on life. Astrology is simply the study of time. Though when astrology is used in application, it describes the language of energy.

The position of the planets in sky create an energy. The most obvious example of this would be the sun and moon. They create day and night, something we may barely notice as an energy because it creates dark and light, our physical reality. Their consistent cycle create our seasons. All environments and creatures on earth correspond and work within the movement of the sun and moon. 

But how can further bodies of rock and gas hundreds of thousands of miles away affect us here on Earth?

Long ago astronomers and astrologers were one in the same, they watched the sky studying and calculating the positions of the stars. Many of the observations and techniques used in astrology today are part of a body of knowledge collected from many renowned scholars from the past 2000+ years. 

Star watching has existed since we have been able to look up and wonder. All indigenous and old world cultures have their own way of calculating and understanding the movements of stars. But astrology (in the western world) began to take shape and look similar to the way it does now in Mesopotamia 100BC, using a horoscope (or moment of birth) as a way to analyze an individuals chart. 

I will not cover the vast history of astrology, but what I am trying to convey is that astrology comes from a rich lineage based on the study of many scholars. Historically, astrologers have always had a respected place in counsel. They often worked in the court beside kings to advise fortunate times to build, wage war, predict weather patterns and determine the rise or fall of a kingdom. 

Looking to the sun, moon and planets derive a vast amount of information about the current moment in time. This comes from the idea that what is happening on earth is a reflection of what is happening in the sky. That ideology has been the basis of all astrological thought and study: “as above, so below”.

Modern astrology varies greatly from the traditional astrology of the middle ages and prior because of the later developments and influences of modern psychological ideas. 

How can astrology be used?

-Astrology gives a detailed and accurate overview of an individual’s personality and disposition, based on the exact moment of birth. It is able to isolate different parts of the personality (or psyche) and create a digestible method of understanding them. Style of communication, intimacy, emotionality, values, attitude, aspirations, career, path and places of development are all expressed through one’s birth chart. Being able to place into words the very unique essential needs of a client can give practical direction as to how to engage with one's life. 

-The in-depth information that is available for an individual can then be used as a way to check for the relationship compatibility of two individuals. The method of comparing two individuals charts (synastry) is effective in identifying areas of strength and development in a relationship. 

-Since astrology is the study of time, it can also be used to forecast important dates and specific life cycles for an individual. Astrology can reveal periods of success and areas of life where to focus one’s attention. There will be clear cycles of time where matters of the home become prominent and there will also be times when a focus on career will take place. A well-experienced astrologer will be able to efficiently break these down for you and give you important times to look out for. They will especially be able to explain the occurrences in your life from a more grand perspective and give insight as to how to manage these life cycles with scope of the individuals inherent and complex personality.

-With the understanding of the current planetary allignments an astrologer is also able to elect time and date that would be fortunate for the type of event taking place. Like choosing a fortunate start date of a business or project or wedding date for longevity and success.

The number of methods and types of calculations that an astrologer will use to analyze your chart can be numerous. Modern astrology includes a synthesis of many techniques and calculations. 


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