Saturn's hard kiss is is wrapped with seconds, minutes and hours. 

Saturn's hard kiss is is wrapped with seconds, minutes and hours. 

The key of action that we are desiring right now is still shrouded in mystery. 

The key of action that we are desiring right now is still shrouded in mystery. 

On Sunday, we come to the illumination of the eclipse on Feb 26. 

Another dramatic lunation, not surprised… It seems as if the eclipse from two weeks ago still has a rippling effect. With a Virgo full moon the desire to understand and make sense will be present, though many factors are suggesting a delay:

Venus Retrograde, She’s Waiting

A newly retrograde Venus (March 4) will continue it’s backward shimmy until April 16. Venus rules over relationships, valuables/income, pleasure - and in retrograde - our lens goes inward and we contemplate all of these qualities. 

And of course, Venus the planet, is reflected within ourselves. I like to think of Venus as a vessel. A metaphorical vase that we carry all the time. In it contains our dearest affinities - favorite verses of poetry, songs, recipes, intimacies, morals, color palettes - your inner honey. When Venus goes retrograde, that vessel is shaken up and since the spectrum of your desires is wide, it can be a time that you’re reminded of things that haven’t been paid attention to // in the vessel that represents your entire value system. 

Has there been a bit of an itch at your job, relationship or home situation for the past week? What is important to you at one point in time is subject to change. And what is peeving you can actually be showing you what you really give a damn about. 

Saturn’s Scythe When the time is right, we harvest. 

The full moon’s configuration is most highlighted by Saturn firmly standing between the Sun + Moon. 

A Virgo full moon is a perfect time to obsess over details, and find the most effective way to sort through any etheric and unprocessed inspiration that the Sun evokes as it travels through dreamy Pisces. Though with Saturn standing in the crux of the mind and the auric field, it will be a bit difficult to find a connecting thread between the intuition and the logic. Awkwardness, delay, aggravation will be a feeling when trying to get the footing between the two. 

Saturn is the ruler of time. The cold, hard planet that asks for discipline and work. It lays hurdles before our feet to make sure our joints are well oiled and can handle a hop, skip and leap. Saturn reminds us that we are not permanent and stagnant creatures. Experience and growth are a combination of planting seeds of inspiration and tending those crops. Carefully, prune away dead leaves to trim away what is dead and finished. What can be left behind to compost. But we don’t slice what is not dead. 

As Venus’ retrograde has stirred up your jar of precious honey, no doubt there is questioning happening. “What is most important to me? Are my values being honored right now? What parts of myself are not being expressed and recognized?” When our Venus is off, we feel like something is really off. Although it may feel like a desperate scramble to get those questions answered - No rush necessary - hasty actions will have a backlash at this time, especially in matters of relationships and major decisions. We have until April 16 to process these questions, the full moon will provoke a mental quest in striking the balance for this very important period. As the full moon sets the energetic influence for the next two weeks, utilize the quieting brilliance of Saturn’s Scythe: Only from a thorough and careful process do we cut away in order to make definition. It's deliberate. When harvesting, you wait until the perfect moment comes to ripen, in order to reach full expression of your crop. We also leave some left over to seed for the next grow and we reap the valuables. 

It’s not just the end of things, but the appropriate end to things.