Aries, symbolized by the ram, expresses the infinite capacity to regenerate over and over.

Aries, symbolized by the ram, expresses the infinite capacity to regenerate over and over.


While action and the utmost fire are easily the theme and feeling of this Aries New Moon, I beg of you to hold your war horse for a moment…

Spring is here ** shakes off any introversion left over from winter** 

The Aries New Moon on 3/27 carries an interesting wake up call as well as beckons us to connect to the underworld. 

The face of this new moon: 

Each sign of the Zodiac can be divided in sections of 3. The Sun & Moon align today in the 1st section (decan) of Aries. This decan relates to utmost fire of fire. From a calendar perspective, the opening of this decan is the 1st day of spring, the beginning of the astrological year. Bursting, raw energy, emerging from the primordial soup of Pisces. 

Venus in Retrograde, fades in the sky.

The most prominent configuration of this new moon is that it occurs right beside Venus.

As Venus began her retrograde on March 4, she asks IF your actions match HOW you feel about: Love, relationships, resources - the things we value. This tends to be a time of confusion, maybe an ex-lover comes back and heats up the old leftovers from the memory bank, maybe you have some long-time job concerns that are finally flaring up. The Sun + Venus alignment on March 25 has brought these issues closer to us, as she is physically closest to Earth at this time. This alignment marks the beginning of Venus’ new cycle, the birth of your new, updated jar of invaluable essentials. Remember the feelings you had this week, they are likely to ripple throughout the next months. 

The New Moon in Aries is a brand new story for the year, the seed of fire waiting to ignite, winter’s frost still under your bum. 

Venus retrograde in Aries shines the mirror on our actions. She is the tinder, no not the dating app you bafoon, but the crumpled & passe` dry bits of former values waiting to catch the spark of transformation. Trust, she wants to spark right now, but the timing may not be ripe.

A moment of near clarity is yours to manifest. 

The dark of the moon nestled close to the dark of Venus, both begin their new and separate cycles. 

The new moon always shows us where a new story is being brought into existence. Aries is the untamed and unrestrained. Ruled by Mars’, who’s primary function is to express separation as a way to define the individual will. Mercury and Uranus, both in Aries, add the awareness and boisterous inspiration toward action and are activated by the New Moon.

With so many planets in Aries (Sun + Moon + Venus + Mercury + Uranus), and a retrograde Venus (substitute for- uncertainty about values until April 15), the overarching feeling will be to act. Anger and an excess of inner fire is likely. Though the consequences of act first, regret later are easily a part of this equation. With so much fire in the sky lies the possibility of our actions being misdirected. The USA is fucked up. Social constructs are so mind numbing and to top it off we have our own individual shit we are dealing with.

Spiritualize your Actions. 

We must remember that Fire is purely spiritual energy. I know plenty of clients that have a lot of fire in their birth charts and are fantastic/powerful healers. Fire has the capacity to heal, burn, purify and transform. Fire is also our ability to respond, our lust for life and primal spark. Our actions can bring us great joy, if directed in purity of heart.


This particular time in the sky reminds me greatly of Fudo Myo-o (Immovable Wisdom King), the Japanese Vajrayana Buddhist deity that represents that transmutation of anger into spiritual energy. Holding the sword to slice through illusions and a lasso to bind ignorance as well as grab us when we fall, Fudo Myo-o is the expression of immovable wisdom. The flames of ignorant passion and anger when spiritually directed, become the flames of wise compassion that can be used to transform suffering in the world. As one of the primary deities in Japanese Vajrayana Buddhism, he calls fighters, the Yakuza, police, martial artists, ascetics and anyone in need of protection and healing amidst a painful and violent world to become a devotee.

Softer approach

As Venus will re-enter Pisces April 2 and finish her retrograde motion on April 15. This will be an important time to purify your actions and habits. During this time, retrace, recalibrate and ask yourself, “Do my values, and what I really give AF about, match my actions?” 

As she will re-enter Aries again on April 26 (nearly at the same time as the next lunar cycle) a new sense of purified action will be realized. 

Through the act of purifying your true intent- the action itself aligns in spirit, thought and action.

Allow the uncertainty of this current moment to be the tinder for the powerful actions that are born during this lunar cycle. 

May your sword of peace strike clean, skillful and truly reflect the embers that burn within.


An interesting expression of the first decan of Aries and the unshakable will of Fudo Myo-o is Yayoi Kusama, the world famous polka dot artist. Born in the first decan of Aries, at 88, she is still creating art. Riddled with hallucinations since childhood, Yayoi creates every single day as a way to transmute her intense mental energy into her dharma (act of service, expression of truth). Her spirit illustrates the unrelenting power of Aries, the utmost fire of fire and the ability to transform ‘illness’ into liberating beauty.



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