image from Derek & Julia Parker Compleat Astrologer

image from Derek & Julia Parker Compleat Astrologer

Deep down inside, there is a lizard that wants to kick it alongside your princess in the streets persona. 

Deep down inside, there is a lizard that wants to kick it alongside your princess in the streets persona. 

Sparks fly this month. Not the fireworks kind. More like the metal of an exposed tire scraping the pavement as you’re like 2 miles from home and painstakingly almost there, but just not quite. 

I don’t know about you, but this Venus retrograde feels as though it’s taking ages to complete. But why not, she rules over our pleasure zones.

As the full moon illuminates the workings of the sky, we find many reasons to take a really hard look within, out and all around. 

Venus // Saturn Blues April 8 - May 1

As Venus in Pisces (soft, pliable and a bit exhausted) is tailing off the last days of her retrograde, she meets with Saturn (hard edge) for what will be a several week conversation. As Venus is the mirror to our heart, containing all that we hold in admiration, Saturn’s stern hand will attempt to add structure to all the considerations realized from Venus’ retrograde that began on March 4. The voice of Saturn is cold, imbued with hard truths and bids against excess and the impractical. Any underdeveloped ideas will get the sickle and any holes in your game-plan are being called out. Saturn asks for full commitment, though the heart is weary and still searching for the right answer. The pressure to figure out how you actually feel is met with a harsh need for introversion, as Saturnian melancholy is best honored with solitude. While this meeting of Venus and Saturn can show up as relationship difficulties, delays, an inability to connect, or just a time when we are deciding if something makes the cut in our lives >> This is an opportunity to express the maturity and wisdom of the heart that has been brewing for over a month. This is not an unexpected choice/realization, as you saw and felt it coming.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus April 9 - May 3

In nearly perfect, and almost comedic timing, Mercury’s retrograde begins before Venus’ completes and ends as the Saturn influence eases. A three week period when our mental faculties are turned inward and the world around us seems to glitch. Mercury retrograde begins in Taurus, nodding to Venus, thus sharing the same conversation as the goddess of all that we love. Though now, the focus then becomes the integration of heart and mind. The journey of sorting out our tender parts now shifts to implementing a solid belief system that is in alignment with our values. This retrograde begins as Mercury peeks into Taurus for a moment and inquires about how to stabilize that which brings us peace. The material, emotional and the balance needed to feel secure.

Mercury will slowly journey beside Uranus (he who cannot be bound) from April 23 - May 13, uniting the conscious mind with the inspired mind. This will be the turning point of the retrograde when ideas get a lot louder, and likely be need to be let out.

Despite the golden rule

Probably the most common advice when reading about how to work with Merc/Venus retro, is to wait until the retrogrades are over to make important decisions. Though this time around the feeling to choose will be more imperative. As Saturn is heavily involved, making decisions that are based with the long term in mind are key. Saturn expresses that type of looming 'you need to choose already' feeling. Saturn likes to crystalize, or make real, so be well aware of the consequences that come from any choices that are made this upcoming month. Uranus, is also prominent and especially as it travels with Mercury toward the end of April will provoke action, or even outbursts of any repressions. 

Who am I?!

The Libra full moon illuminates the desire for connection and union, as well as the need for unapologetic selfhood. As the moon passes Jupiter in Libra it expands the need to find meaning and gravitate toward connection. The Sun aligns with unruly Uranus, both in Aries and polarize the need of connection with the need of autonomy.  Pluto between Uranus and Jupiter steadily this whole year is an undercurrent of intensity, asking for deeper meaning within the questioning of relation and independence. This full moon activates this ongoing dialog. 

Libras balancing act is quite a spectacle, to be in constant consideration of others and their surroundings as part of their nature. With a refined antenna, they feel into and reflect the needs of others automatically. The archetypal question of the Libra journey:  “Who am I?” 

Who am I outside of this relationship, who am I outside of my job, my friends, my interests? Where am I responding to needs that have nothing to do with me? These are inquiries that you can explore as a way to connect to this full moon. Stripping yourself of obligatory associations and connecting to your essential nature is a great way to engage with all of the retrograde madness that will (still) occur.

The full moon ruled by Venus simply points to our chests, where the attention has been. While Saturn tests agreements and Mercury provokes inquiry >> wisdom is key here. A good, thorough look inside and an honest exploration are necessary tools. Where there are other forces that may confront your ability to reflect a clear image of self is the constant journey of the heart, and definitely of this month.