I'm playing around with doing some astrology research regarding sexuality. I am interested in collecting information and stories around sexual roles, dominance and submission. If interested in participating there is a survey attached to this article and I will contact you within a few days to schedule a short phone chat. All information will be confidential and no information will be released without permission. 

A bit on me: My name is Chase, I'm queer and based in New York City. I work as a spiritual consultant and professional astrologer and am in the middle spectrum between dominant and submissive (since you'll be sharing details with me thought it was only fair lol). Aside from my work with 1-on-1 clients, I love community building based within holistic health! Looking forward to connecting with you all.



These questions will help to set a foundation for when we do the interview! Please go into detail with the questions if necessary.

Name *
she/her he/him they etc
Gay, straight, undefined, in-between, etc. Please feel free to elaborate.
Accuracy is important (within 15 minutes)
10 being most dominant - being in total control, 'topping' or Doing the fucking,
10 being the most submissive - wanting to be controlled or overtaken, the one getting fucked, 'bottom'
This is definitely a loaded question as it can bring up a lot of questions around how one derives pleasure - answer to the best of your ability now and we will try to explore during the interview.