In addition to my work with astrology, I am hosting these upcoming events in the SF/Bay Area in August!

Bay Area Healers Market

Aug 12 2018 12-6pm

Free Admission

Local holistic practitioners and healing artists sharing their craft for the community! 

What's the Best Way: Discussion on Healing w/ Live Readings

August 15 7-9pm

The Center SF

Enjoy a discussion on health and healing from the perspective of 5 holistic practitioners of different modalities. We will take volunteers from the audience and assess them from the perspective of each modality.

Healers of Color: Its Time to Talk

Weekend retreat - August 25 +26 2018


Starting a very important dialog with self identified healers of color to build community and healing around ancestral wounds -on an individual level as well as a collective level.

Day 1 is centered around having a formal dialog around ancestral healing

Day 2 will be centered around ceremony and skill share as we take care of one another and cultivate community