We are inundated with the words ‘healing’ and ‘transformation’ constantly because of the booming holistic health industry. The art of self care has become more and more a part of our mainstream awareness, even trendy or chic in many circles. Countless instagram coaches offering ‘transform your life programs’ and workshops titled transformative yoga and viral facebook articles about how this full moon offers the deepest healing yet. 

It can really feel like these words are more of marketing lingo at this period of time.

Well, 2019 offers you deep healing, yes I said it lol. And you know, what it’s not exactly pretty. 

What I love about this year is that the healing is going to occur through critical introspection and if you capture those insights within yourself and penetrate further than the surface, the view on your life can change in a big way. 

The grace of astrology shows us the themes of time- On a day to day level as well as overarching sweeps of months and years. There is always potential for healing though this year there seems to be more access to create powerful change on a structural level deep within each of us.

The place in the sky where the churning is happening: 

In order to illuminate this properly we will have to introduce the main characters influencing these events throughout the year. The outer planets move very slowly and when they interact with each other they create experiences that can last  through long stretches of time.  

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The Lunar North and South Nodes are where the path of the Moon (the subconscious) meets with the path of the Sun (consciousness). These parts of the sky represent merging the dual nature of awareness - IMO: the feeling of being in alignment with the soul often times is when we are able to access and successfully utilize our subconscious/emotional needs with our consciousness.

The power of the South Node:

The nodes are a pair that exist within polarity to one another. The North node tends to bring situations into existence and the South Node tends to diminish/take away. As beautiful metaphor for the life process - While we strive to develop, by contrast we are letting go of something else. Think of the South Node as a cosmic toilet bowl where we become conscious of what is necessary to release.

Throughout the entirety of 2019, Pluto, Saturn + South Node slowly travel together in the sign of Capricorn, all in close proximity. The sign of Capricorn is related to all structures of our world, especially government, hierarchies and tradition. As Pluto + Saturn contact the South Node this year, they will speed up the process of breaking down structures that are no longer effective on a personal and collective level.

Pluto :

Pluto often brings pain and trauma, many times through experiences of betrayal, loss and power struggles. These are all things that we experience throughout life and our capacity to actually heal is to work through our shadow stuff and purge residue from emotional traumas. On April 5 2019, Pluto and the South Node will be in the exact same degree in the sky. In astrology, when two points in the sky are in communion it can lead to events on that same day, however this dynamic will have been building since the beginning of March 2019. In addition, Pluto will go retrograde on April 24, internalizing the theme further into the year. Pluto is the planet of our shadow, the deep psychological themes that we may not be aware of.

When we dive into our own personal inquiry we often arrive at shadow. As Pluto contacts the south node it is an opportunity to see dynamics in your life that provoke feelings of suffering and powerlessness. It is an opportunity to recognize those themes of soul pain and struggle and to let them go. The beauty of Pluto is that it provokes big reveals and the revelatory process - Seeing your shit clear as day.

Healing is not pretty. It involves first the recognition that something isn’t right somewhere within. It involves examining our own pains and wounding. Then breaking scar tissue to go further into what is unhealed to cleanse ourselves of toxicity.

Whether it be toxic behaviors that we succumb to, or releasing ourselves from toxic relationships and environments, the themes of April will bring these dynamics to the surface. 

Pluto doesn’t do small, the Lord of the Underworld does dramatic, powerful, transformative and even cataclysmic. And as it joins the South node in April, there is potential of a huge release.

The last time that Pluto was conjunct the South Node was in August of 2002.

Within this month these events occurred:

-Telecommunications giant WorldCom files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the then largest such filing in United States history. 
Bush signs corporate reform bill in response to multiple corporate scandals: Enron, Arthur Andersen, Tyco, Qwest, Global Crossing, ImClone, and Adelphia, among others, were convicted or placed under federal investigation for various misadventures in fraud and crooked accounting. 

-Earth Summit 2002 begins in Johannesburg, South Africa gathering representatives from 193 nations producing an international agreement on the environment and sustainable development. 

The movement of the planets also influence world events as well as touch us on a personal level. The last Pluto/South Node conjunction shows a major shift in power (wealth) in the case of these huge corporations, their shadow (fraud) comes out into the surface. The Earth Summit expressed the capacity to create large-scale change through cleaning up our shit (Pluto relating to excrement & toxicity).  On a personal level we can expect changes in power dynamics, potentially shifts in wealth and a desire to clean up our own messes or get rid of some excess baggage.


The month of April proves to be a powerful time for the clearing of karmas. Saturn contacts the South Node on the same day that it goes retrograde on April 30, 2019. This is a signature for deep introversion that will permeate until Saturn goes direct on September 18, 2019. Saturn is the planet of time, consequence, ancestry and everything that has come before you to create the foundation upon which you stand. That means not just you, but your parents, grandparents and their parents and all of their actions that have come before you as well. Genetics are not just an expression of passing down physical traits. Also passed down through generations are attitudes, behaviors (both good and bad) and unresolved shit basically. As Saturn contacts the South Node, it can bring up deep awareness to patterns in your life that you perpetuate through your family lineage. This is another opportunity to recognize intergenerational stories that need to be acknowledged, honored, redirected or even broken in some cases. As this is the South Node, there is a feeling of letting go. Saturn is responsibility, the things we must do, just as we all must abide by the laws of time and space - As Saturn contacts the South node it seems that it will be a time to assess our responsibilities and burdens -both chosen and unchosen. Things that have been carried on for much too long (even generationally) may finally have the opportunity to be laid to rest.

The counterbalance + punctuation:

The North Node is the counterpart to the South Node and they are always opposite to one another. The North node represents the part of the sky where energy is coming in, where we are churning to create, manifest and grow - constant impetus. As the North Node travels through the sign of Cancer it means that we will be collectively moving toward greater themes of nurture and contentment on the most personal level as Cancer relates to our personal needs and security.

As the contact between the South Node, Pluto and Saturn will strike up some major realizations. The likelihood of upheaval and drastic change will be scattered through the year, however the eclipses should mark the times that major milestones will take place. 

Eclipses occur when there is new moon or full moon on the North + South Node. Eclipses illuminate the place where the path of the sun and moon meet - Bringing a connection of the conscious and subconscious. The eclipse periods of 2019 occur in January, July and December/January(2020).

Get ready for some ancestral healing fireworks. The contact between Pluto, Saturn and South Node are already so loaded with information and karmic threads that go beyond your our own personal memory. Eclipses occur every 6 months and they are very accurate timing mechanisms for change, growth and fated closures and new beginnings.   

The eclipses this year will be the culminating points of all your gathered revelations. This can be an incredible time for huge life shifts, getting sober, breaking cycles of abuse, drastic turning points and seeing yourself much more clearly by seeing your own bondages and shadows. 

The lunar ideals of our emotional foundations, comfort, security and nourishment will be highlighted during the eclipses.

Know and hold YOUR story. Take ownership of all the you are, all that has come before you to determine what must be shed on an ancestral level in order to find emotional fulfillment on an individual soul level. 

How would it feel to own your entire incarnation and the liberty to clarify the path you walk? To gracefully redirect yourself when need be. Making sure that all the steps in your path belong to you and are a representation of the responsibilities that you wish to uphold. 

Dates to consider: 

Jan 5 2019 - First official cancer / capricorn eclipse

April 5, 2019- South Node conjunct Pluto (1st contact)

April 24 - October 3, 2019 - Pluto retrograde

April 30, 2019 - South Node conjunct Saturn (1st contact)

April 30 - Sept 18, 2019 - Saturn Retrograde

July 2, 2019 - Solar eclipse in Concer

July 4, 2019 - South Node conjunct Saturn Rx (2nd contact)

July 16, 2019 - Lunar eclipse in Capricorn conj Pluto

Sept 28, 2019-South Node conjunct Saturn (last time) 

Dec 25, 2019 - Solar eclipse in Capricorn

Jan 10, 2020 - Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Conjunct Saturn conjunct Pluto ** 

For an in-depth look into where Saturn, Pluto and the eclipses will be provoking healing for you and how it affects your entire birth chart, book a personal reading with me