Happy New Moon + Mercury stationing direct! Time for a more active and vibrant August. Finally! We can now move past the heaviness of the eclipses last month. If you are still feeling the drag from July, I want to share some physical practices that will help to center and stimulate your creative juice.



Are you ready to focus on yourself finally? Last month left you incredibly tied to all of your responsibilities. Leo season brings you creativity, passion, romance, travel and some much-deserved playtime. It will feel like such a drastic shift for you and you will have so much happening throughout this entire month. A steady, consistent momentum to begin on a new passion project is happening this month.



All roads point home for you. Brilliant ideas and realizations have been stirring and it may be time to really take it all in. Find ways to harmonize and beautify your home, as you’ll be spending a lot more time focusing on yourself. You love self-care anyway, so organize your herbs, furniture and closet; it’s a good month for it. Do not dwell on the past. A new way of relating to yourself will be blossoming at this time. Allow others to support you; you’ll be surprised how an attitude of openness can allow opportunities to be drawn to you. 



You’re no stranger to staying stimulated and occupied, but hold onto your seat: this month is busy for you. 

There will be plenty to do on your roster and social activities galore. Look forward to meeting new people this month. You’ve spent a lot of time reorganizing your relationships and now you can see that put into action as opportunities for new friendships are blossoming. Enjoy being extroverted and living out the summer - remind yourself to attune your magnetism to healthy and reciprocative partnerships. 



You’ve been through a lot, dear friend, and time doesn’t pause for personal development. Though you may have had to. This last month has left you requiring a lot of replenishing. Look forward to a continued smooth ride in your work. Self-care will go well for you as long as you apply a bit of effort. 

This month brings money into focus for you. While it seems like you are spending quickly, you are also gaining this month. Be aware of this and find the balance. The New Moon on July 31 will help you to organize your spending. Make a budget that includes all the new ways you are deciding to take care of yourself.



You ready boo?

This month brings you Venus, Mars, Sun and Mercury all in Leo, and it’s time to feel yourself (more than ever lol).

Venus enters Leo on July 28, and it will be a perfect time to pamper yourself and feel glamorous and pretty. You may even get a makeover or new threads to reflect your inner shine. Opportunities to express your creative/passionate side will be present the entire month, especially on August 7+8. 



The need to find rest and separation from the world has really come up since last month, and that will continue into much of Leo season for you. Retreat has been necessary because it has been allowing you to see your inner weavings. This month brings a feeling of breakthroughs and harmonization.
Realign with your greater purpose - it is always at the core of any reflective process. 

If moving has been coming up for you and is something that you have been deeply considering, news of certainty or a true sense of direction will occur this month.



You should be more than inspired this month to connect with your friends and community. The past month has brought out a part of yourself that has been a bit dormant and now it’s time to test it out. Make some new friends, as this month brings you opportunities when you go out into the neighborhood. People will be even more charmed by you this month.
Find the ways in which you can support and feel supported by your community and friendships 



Time to hustle this month. There has been a lot of questioning around your career and image this past month and it should clarify when Mercury stations direct on July 31, the same day as the New Moon. The New Moon is your time this year to plant seeds for how you wish to be received in the world. 

The timing is great to hone in and focus on what you are offering and how you can really step forward and shine authentically. The incentive here is that your money will really flow this month and through November.



You may have been feeling that this year is great for you, but there were a lot of moments that made you question yourself. This past month really highlighted a lot of those fears and the lack of trust in yourself. When Jupiter stations direct on Aug 11, the dissection of self will dissipate and the coming-out party resumes! Feel held by your perspectives and spiritual path as you can trust in the flow of goodness coming your way. Leo season invigorates you in wisdom, travel and exploration. 



The work you have been putting into yourself is starting to really show. Last month was probably quite depleting for you, with so much to integrate and process. The need for space and introversion and healing has been beckoning you all year, and there’s a feeling of breakthroughs this month. If you haven’t been already, it is a good time to do any self-care that focuses on mental health right now. That can be anything from energy healing, talking to a counselor (therapist, spiritual) and any work that helps you unpack your mind. There is great opportunity for healing to occur this month. This process will help you as Leo season brings up all the ways in which you can feel in power and empowered: finances, shared income and even intimacy with others. 



You have been steadily working toward developing more friends and community that resonate with the qualities that you stand for this year. This month, you see the benefits of the community-building you have been doing. Leo season brings in a very social vibe and new people into your life, maybe even to the point that you have less time for yourself. Find flexibility and nuance in the ways you are relating to other people.



You ready to pop off this month? 

You’re about to shift into abundance part 2 for this year. When Jupiter stations direct on August 11, it will reignite the fire in your career sector, making you more visible. Any visions, plans and opportunities that have been in process for your career are likely to start getting into motion. Leo season asks you to focus on maintaining a functional schedule and to be on top of your health and routine this month, because things are about to heat up for you. Things are on the upswing for you, claim it!