how to utilize the upcoming full moon on june 20:

we get 2 full moons in sagittarius this year which means we get 2 opportunities to expand our vision for the year. 

personally i am excited for this week because mercury has moved into its happy place in the sign of gemini. this means CLARITY and more ease with seeing, speaking and DECISIONS. mercury has been in slow moving taurus for nearly two months. with so much of an emphasis on defining dreams and desires its been a bit slow and unclear in taurus. have you been a bit process-y lately? there have been a lot of changes brewing with such dramatic astrological weather. 

well it’s finally going to be a time to gather all the tidbits from meditative mercury in taurus, and a retrograde mars-because in addition to the full moon, mars will go direct a few days after on june 29th. this will also add to the theme of clarity. woohoo! we need to get ready to shift gears, because it's coming.


an herbal recommendation for the upcoming week is HAWTHORN. 

this is one of my favorite herbs. its mild, a bit sour and fairly loving. great as a tea, tincture or even candy if you can find it. in western medicine, it is strengthening and nourishing to the heart. those that have arrhythmia tend to take this to balance a strained heart. i have taken it many times when i felt like i needed support during hardship. in chinese medicine it is used to promote better digestion. digestion is a primary function of the body, it helps us to PROCESS food into energy and RELEASE the waste from the food we took in along with all the other byproducts. this physical function of digestion is NO DIFFERENT than the energetic function of digestion. we need to process the information we take in. we need to integrate it, let it sink in, let it nourish us and help us grow. and we need to release the waste. that is what this full moon is all about -  cutting the fat on our goals.

with mercury being in a much better position we will be able to ACT, AIM and DIRECT our energies with mercurial precision and sagittarian distance. SKYS THE LIMIT. but first, the work... or defining the work, to say the least. 


astrology is particularly useful in the sense that we can look at cycles of time and know where our efforts will take us. 

on friday june 17: saturn (the WORK) will square (challenge)  neptune (the DREAM) 

the next time this happens will be in september when they square again. the square off on friday sets the tone for the work of the summer. lets just say that what we choose to do now will be reflected in september. 


Here are some suggestions to utilize this full moon:

  1. This week, especially by june 17, clarify your long term goals and the steps needed to attain them (including the stepping stones needed to get there). Be clear about where you want to be in September as well. 
  2. Do a round or two of Pranayama/breathwork each day. do intense and deep breathing for at least 10-15 mins. This is a way to push out stale air (old thoughts and stagnant energies). This will jumpstart that Mercury in Gemini energy that draws in curiosity and excitement. Breathwork stimulates digestion as well, so it will help to integrate experiences into wisdom! 
  3. Get a candle and set aside some time to light it on the 17th when you clarify your goals. write them down, say them out loud, more than once. convince yourself and the universe. also be willing to let go of whatever it is that is getting in your way as well.
  4. On the full moon june 20, relight the candle again and reinstate your goals.
  5. GET TO WORK.  the meditating is over, you had all of last month or more when all those planets were in taurus to be slow and contemplative, now its time to move. Bye!