Filipino Feast + Astrology Forecast for 2019

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Filipino Feast + Astrology Forecast for 2019

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Hello foodies and new friends :) Please enjoy a robust and flavorful Filipino meal in my home. I'll be serving up a menu of my favorite childhood foods as well as guiding you through an interactive discussion about the astrology of 2019.
I am so fortunate to be sharing my two life passions together in one evening!

Filipino food is generally quite casual and best served family style. Going for seconds is highly encouraged :) All food will be gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, organic and paleo. This particular menu is not vegetarian, though I am happy to make a vegetarian variation for the meat item.


Sinigang - Sour tamarind soup
Taro, green bean, tamarind, lemon
vegan, alkalizing

Laing -
Taro leaves and chard slowly stewed in coconut milk
vegan, stimulating

Sisig -
Sticky spicy pork

Blue lotus rice -
Herbal rice with calming effect

Cassava cake -
Sticky coconut cassava cake
vegetarian, refined sugar free

Healing tea -

Gynostemma, nettle, lemon balm

stress relieving, nutritive to skin hair bones, balancer

My loft is spacious, homey and has great energy. Located off the Morgan L in the heart of Bushwick.

Meal dates will be Thursdays + Fridays 7-9pm in March and April 2019