Myoei is a buddhist priest, acupuncturist and herbalist. He has a regular practice in East bay (El Cerrito), South bay and in San Francisco. Herbal consultations are available online. 


Ray is an Oakland-based acupuncturist and bodyworker who views her practice of holistic medicine through a harm-reductionist, body-positive, social-justice-focused lens. She specializes in treatment of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, hormone balancing and musculoskeletal injury.

Sebastian has been working with Tarot since he was 12 years and has powerful insight into connecting us to the unseen world through symbolism. I highly recommend Sebastian's thoughtful, penetrating magic. 


 The epic Terry T "The Green Queen", is a conduit for self healing and cleanse consultant. Terry can be reached @ 860-985-7605 or through IG.  So inspired by Terry's knowledge and skills. 

Marie offers several types of energy healings, ghost clearing and is a no fuss psychic. She is available in the Bay Area for in person consultations and phone/onilne. 

Kevin is a powerful healer based in Australia. He is a master at making natural talismans and leads workshops in the Melbourne area. Contact him for a custom talisman or distance healing.

Kevin Kearny - Shamanic Reiki Healing

Raynelle provides life coaching services for our diverse communities by incorporating a decolonized spiritual approach to engaging and healing in nature. She is an effective bridge builder between mainstream environmentalism and people of color by emphasizing a racial justice lens to environmental work.

Jeannie has been offering down to earth intuitive tarot readings an intuition teacher since 1989.