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Fill out the simple 3 question form with any concerns you are experiencing and I will send you a flower essence formula designed for you. It is an excellent compliment to a reading or by itself.

what are flower essences?

Flower essences are a very small dosage of a flower, preserved in spirits. When taken little by little (a few drops everyday), they assist in changing mental patterns and behaviors. 

Flower essence therapy is subtle, yet powerful. They work effectively for traumas, fears, deep-rooted emotions, stress and times of transition. 

I use flower essences in my regular client work because their effectiveness in combination with the counseling process. The astrology is highly effective in identifying areas of growth, limitation, and challenge. While identifying issues is the first step and most powerful step in the healing process, flower essences are tools to move. The astrology gives insight, and the plants help you do your work!  I offer this service as a separate option for those who may not be ready for a full reading, are low on funds, or do not have the time for a live reading. 

In this process, I collect the birth data, study the birth chart for a minimum of 30 minutes and determine which essences would be suitable for the client. 

The detailed email report will include my process of selection, and even specific dates that the essence therapy would be helpful.