Had such an incredible reading from Chase! I was also super lucky to get in just as my Saturn return was really about to take off. Chase was well prepared, insightful and present. I did my reading over the phone from Portland and I felt like he was right there with me, sorting through all the feelings and questions. His intelligence and intuition work together beautifully, and I was blown away by how my much of my life he had put together and articulated just through reading my chart. I guess that's a sign of a true astrologer at work. I ended my session with Chase feeling ready to take on the next phase of my life with a road(star?)map to the upcoming energies entering my life. Not only that but he assured me that should any questions come that i'd forgotten or that we hadn't addressed he would be happy to go over them and clarify. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a check in with the universe. Thanks Chase!!

-Vince Cruz, Portland, OR

Chase is so awesome! My reading with him was right on target. Based on what he saw from my birth chart, he brought up things that I've likely experienced in this lifetime, which was all 100% accurate! Then he also told me things that I'm likely to experience in the future. Initially, I was expecting some what of a fortune telling experience (how naive), but what I actually received from Chase was of much more value than a simple prophecy could have been. Along with pointing out patterns in my behavior and new patterns that will likely form, he gave a very humbling and peaceful perspective to view these patterns from. Since my reading a few weeks ago, I have used these perspectives to give myself a more positive outlook on the situations I was facing and to progress with more control over my overall wellbeing despite whatever is occurring around me. I definitely would recommend Chase's services and I could see myself going to him again in the future! He was extremely professional, yet very friendly and down to Earth/relatable which created a sense of comfort for me during our session. Thanks again Chase!

-Aleeysa Burton, NYC

Chase is the best! I took an astrology workshop with him at The Center in the beginning of the year and was so impressed with his thoroughness and thoughtfulness that I knew I had to get a one-on-one reading with him. He really took the time to explain all of the astrologically significant events happening in my chart and was very thoughtful in answering my questions. He also gave me a bunch of referrals for flower essences that he thought might be helpful for me. He is very sweet and down-to-earth and is a pleasure to spend time with. If you are having questions about your life path I couldn't recommend Chase more highly.

-Rikki Ward, San Francisco, CA

My reading with Chase was a healing experience that helped me view my life path quite differently than I had previously. As Chase used my birth chart to describe the “dances” within me, as in the different aspects of the self, I came to realize that I wasn’t a walking contradiction (as it previously felt at times) but rather a whole being with many energies at play within me.

Chase used my chart to identify the ways in which I naturally expressed myself using words, my ability to influence others through my words, my desire to constantly “upgrade,” and the strong support system I was born into. Qualities or patterns I had seen previously as “flaws,” Chase helped me see as dances within me that create friction and therefore inspire growth. Rather than understanding the unwanted parts of myself as things to get rid of, Chase helped me see them as interplay within me that would always be relevant.... As somebody who has a limited understanding of Astrology, the reading was still accessible for me, and I was impressed by the amount of information that rang true for me.

There was always space during the reading to stop, reflect and ask questions, and I appreciated that Chase introduced the reading as a “conversation,” leaving me room to make sense of the information I was receiving and contextualize it.  Thanks, Chase!

-Libby Mislan, NYC

Chase's dedication & enthusiasm during my reading with him was no less impressive to me than the degree of knowledge he's already gleaned for astrology. It was a transformative reading, wherein Chase's insight into the complexities & variables surrounding my chart placements & transits, both natal & progressive, were clearly translated by him & relayed to me in such ways that I was able to see how my reactions to significant childhood experiences are being currently mirrored in my present relationships. I was then availed practical methods of ensuring that such resulting patterns won't continue to repeat. I'm ever-grateful for Chase's broad insights which he expressed with gentleness and empathy & in a way that allowed equal interactive responses. His attention & focus never swerved, despite my apparently unrelated tangents. I thoroughly enjoyed Chase's fresh approach (as opposed to one that is 'dry', overly academic, a-personal). Thanks so much, Chase.

-Melody Lemmon, Byron Bay, NSW

Looking at my birth chart through Chase’s eyes was a very healing experience and I feel so much gratitude for the guidance and wisdom I received. Chase is one of the most gifted healers and visionaries I’ve met and a person who radiates so much love and compassion and possesses a deep insight into the human condition. The way he interprets and explains the revelations of the chart is with so much wisdom, clarity and sensitivity.I feel that I gained a deeper understanding of the place I was born into and the lessons I am here to learn on this journey, my soul’s purpose and about embracing and surrendering to the mystery and wonder of this existence. I feel empowered to keep exploring my path with new courage. It was very helpful to get an audio recording of the reading, as it is a lot of information to take in. Every time I go back to it, another aspect reveals itself and it will keep inspiring me for a long time to come.

-Melanie Erler, Melbourne, VIC